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TSOLS Description
ONE LINER IN BOLD like ... This comprehensive and interactive coaching program is guaranteed to take you to your next level. We conquer the (perhaps surprisingly simple) fundamentals of movement, eating, and all the other little things that fill up our day. What you need to know:2 intakes / year. There are X movement workshops, X lifestyle habits that elevate anyone's game, X progressive movement classes (i.e. X warm-ups, X strength and conditioning sessions, X yoga classes) fitness and nutrition tracking tools*, supportive community, regular online 'office hours' to answer questions and Every week: 2 X live "office hours", 1 weekly habit, although the program is 12 weeks long, you get access forever because, you know, life. register early to guarantee spot on the crewIs this for me?Yes if're a "why" person. If you can commit to 3 minimum X 30 minute movement sessions a week. If you want to learn about the movement and nutrition fundamentals that transcend the boxes. If you enjoy experimentation and exploration. If you believe in a multi-level approach to feeling awesome (i.e. purposeful movement, daily movement, lifestyle habits, nutrition habits, and all of this lining up with your social and cultural preferences. Applicable for both newbies and veterans of training. If you want to participate in a safe space where we dismantle myths and misperceptions of what is "healthy". Note from Jess - Before my little ones arrived, I was working as a program manager at a large fitness company. One of my roles was coaching the coaches - and we had over 200 that came from a variety of backgrounds. The content we're covering here is at and then above the level you receive from most certifications. If you've been in the movement game for a while, I guarantee there will be something new or expansive for everyone.  ONE MORE THING: I'm so incredibly exciting about this program. It's the result of 15 years of coaching people from 15-75 years and both new and multiple-decade health professionals. 

We work together with equal parts of the following:
a. your definitions
    code: what does strength, balance, health, success mean to YOU?
b. research and experience -
    code: fad-less and free of extremes; anchored in creating lasting change that truly works for you today and next year and 7 years down the road
c. your terms 
    code: what are your goals? what is your situation? How can we make these meet?
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