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Coaching Programs

Are you looking for a complete program to do at home, the gym or outdoors
 and a supportive group of people to do it with?

How this works:


This is for you if:

  • pre-designed programs with ample flexibility to fit your body and your schedule

  • start dates / launch dates are in place so that you get to work with others BUT you own the material and can work on it at your own pace (

  • receive access to Thinkific e-learning platform for all content, downloads, and community support

  • private support group 

  • movement program catered specifically to outcome (see special offerings for further details)

  • you want a movement and lifestyle program that fits into your life

  • you love things that are a bit nerdy, always practical, and guaranteed to get you where you want to be

  • you want accountability check-ins from Jess & the rest of your crew

  • a whole-istic approach to feeling awesome
    i.e. we'll look at the big picture...not just hand out workouts and rando tips

Program Line-Up
A movement, nutrition and mindset program that provides the ultimate foundation and freedom.



  • 12 weeks of support, accountability, learning, challenges and getting you to your next level

  • 6-week strength & movement foundations program
    6-week strength & movement progression program 

  • videos, podcasts, and physical copies of all material covered
    (we meet your learning style!)

  • 11 X weekly nutrition and lifestyle habits to bring you to your goals

  • 7 X movement workshops

  • 3 X anatomy workshops

  • 23 X online office hours sessions for Q&A (approx twice weekly)

  • private community

  • lifetime access (because ... life)


ANYONE WHO SIGNS UP before Jan 1, 2019 receives:

  • 2 X 45 minutes personal online coaching sessions with Jess to be used during the program when and how you like

This is for you IF: 

  • you want a multi-level approach to feeling awesome including:
    training sessions, 
    daily movement, 
    lifestyle habits, 
    nutrition habits, &
    your social and cultural preferences

  • you want to explore strength, conditioning, yoga and core training in a supportive and fun learning environment

  • you enjoy experimentation 

  • keen on discussing and dismantling myths and misperception of what is "healthy"

  • you want to workout at home or the gym

  • you are a newbie wanting to build a strong and unparalleled foundation

  • you are a veteran lifter, coach or instructor looking to fine tune and add more tools and strategies to your toolbox

Mom Muscle - logo LONG.png

Strength, Movement & Sanity Program

for Parents and Parents-to-Be



  • mini movement sessions that can be done singularly or paired together that work with the time and energy you have available while pregnant or in recovery*

  • 10 X 10 minutes workouts

  • 10 X 5 minutes workouts

  • 10 X 2 minutes tune up workouts

  • 5 X 5 core-specific sessions

  • 5 X 5 minutes breathing exercises

  • all workouts have explanation videos and workout cards with images and options

  • program schedules and checklists
    (the program is designed and explained for you to work with what your body is telling you that day BUT ... sometimes you just don't want to think and just do. I got cha.)

  • private community

This is for you IF: 

  • you are looking for training that fits the energy, demands, and change associated with building and raising little humans

  • you are pregnant

  • you are recovering from pregnancy

  • you are becoming a parent and want to prepare your body for all the little things (there's a lot of repetitive movements with babies and kids - let's make them safe and strong!)

  • you want to infuse more movement into your day one snippet at a time

  • you want to make 2, 5 or 10 free minutes count

  • you want to workout at home

  • you want to workout with your baby

  • you want something easy to follow


These sessions take into consideration the (potential) pelvic instability of pregnancy and the management of diastasis recti. If you are not the parent carrying or recovering from building the baby, though, the focus is on building strength for all those raising babies tasks and keeping your body as feel-awesome as possible. Think: one-sided loading (transporting a carseat to the car), 2-hour pace-the-house and rock-the-baby sessions at 3am, picking baby up / putting baby down (crib, floor). 

*all movement sessions provide pregnancy and post-partum options where applicable. The reason for this is many new parents do not have the energy or time to dive into additional new stuff those first few months (new exercises, new programs, new concepts). What if you were already comfortable with the how, what, and when? Yep. Raising a newborn is hard enough. Let's make it easier. 

seasonal logo.png
Follow the rhythm of the seasons towards a stronger, fitter you through this flexible, playful and challenging program.



  • season-specific training sessions that can be done singularly or paired together:

  • 10 X 10 minutes movement sessions 

  • 1 X goal-specific training challenge/game (ie something to do at the beginning and end of the season to track your progress!)

  • 60-minute yoga class with video, audio-only download and printable card

  • example program schedule​

This is for you IF: 

  • you want to keep your workouts fresh and your program varied (and progressive!) all year long

  • you want to ensure a variety of movements into your week that includes traditional lifts, supplementary lifts, yoga, breathing, and more

  • a program that considers the flux of the seasons and how that a/effects the flux of our bodies

  • you want to train on your own time

  • you like to experiment (mix-and-match)

  • you are looking for the ultimate flexible program that takes out the guesswork of training

Do you want some guidance determining where YOU should start?




"I was in one of Jess’s trial groups for TSOLS. If you are interested in a program that provides a foundation of working out, eating and headspace – do this course. It’s a commitment, 12 weeks, but you can work on it at your own pace, too. I have been working out for a while but one of my biggest takeaways was how to look at movement outside my workout. I feel amazing."

JULIE P / Bank Associate

"Although Jess definitely shies away from using terms “weight loss” and “getting lean”, these were my side effects (as she calls them) of TSOLS. As you are focusing on moving better and smarter, getting better sleep, eating just a bit differently, this stuff just … happens."

BECKY G / Nurse Practitioner

"It was the program flexibility that did it for me. The workout options make room for rough nights and the general stress of being a parent without feeling like you’ve fallen off the wagon."

JILL T / Server

"I’ve been a group ex instructor and personal trainer for years. I gained so many tools from TSOLS because of the group environment. You learn some ‘optimal’ position stuff but there are so many variations and options for different people. It has really helped me in my own teaching."

KIMMY P / Fitness Instructor / PT 

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