14 Little Actions BIG Impact

Daily Checklist + How-to-Make-it-Happen Handbook

Here's the thing:

Creating any successful change or shift in one's life comes from either a series of small, consistent actions OR a catastrophic life event.

And, honestly, I don't wish catastrophic life events on people even if it creates a change they actually desire as well. And, honestly (tons of honesty here :)), usually the change that results is also a series of small, consistent steps anyway. 

Alright, Jess. I get it.

Small changes that you can successfully commit to will always win over dramatic change-everything-all-or-nothing-100%-perfection approaches whether my goals are running a 5km, not peeing myself when I jump on the trampoline with my kids, losing weight or gaining mental freedom from a preoccupation with "healthy" living. 

I was on board anyway.

I want to start with simple, realistic actions. Where do I start?

I want to tap into more energy, freedom and strength without being stressed out or overwhelmed! 


Awesome - high five to you! 

I created a list of 14 daily checkmarks - a mix of movement, nutrition and mindset subtle shifts - that set you up with the ultimate foundation for change. (And remember. You're already awesome. This is continuing-to-evolve-into-my-strongest-most-awesome-and-uninhibited-self type of change.)

This mini starter kit takes into consideration the YOU in your life. I mean, not everyone is starting at the same spot or coming from the same challenges and triumphs, right?


You not only get a checklist but a complete handbook that guides you through with explanations, questions and reflections of these 14 foundational lifestyle practices

that really bring out your A game.

And there are more {FREE} BONUSES but those are surprises for later. 

I want to tap into more energy, freedom and strength without being stressed out or overwhelmed! 


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Hi! I'm Jess - 

I am unbelievably impressed by the resilience and strength of the human body and spirit.

I coach people towards their deepest goals. 

Do you want to come play with us?

I work with ever-evolving, ever-powerful women to help them strengthen their bodies and create a body and life they LOVE. 
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