Keynotes & Workshops

Are you and your team interested in engaging differently with the
familiar topics of health, productivity and success?


Customized corporate training that fits your team, schedule and outcomes.

  • keynote address: 15-45 minute talk

  • workshop: 1-3 hour sleeves-rolled-up interaction 

  • seminar series: combination of talks and workshops that complement and build off each other

This is for you if you want:

  • workplace training that is tailored to your team

  • energetic, insightful and practical discussions on health, productivity and success 

  • each participant to leave with tangible applications for their own life

Contact us for a complete list of topics and descriptions or to check schedule and travel availability. 

Please note, we are currently taking corporate bookings for 2019.

Most Requested Topics
How Goal-Setting is Disrupting Your Goal Reaching
Happy Office Bodies
Beyond Gym Class: Sneaking Movement into the School Day
Resiliency as a Muscle
Energy 360
Contact us for a complete list of topics and descriptions or to check schedule and travel availability. 


"There were about 50 of us at out Lunch'n'Learn and I was impressed with how interactive it was. Lots of back and forth. It was like a tutorial instead of a lecture which is really nice when it's in the middle of your workday." 

KATHLEEN L / City Employee

My workplace participated in a 12-week program of weekly 1-hour sessions. It was awesome. She included nutrition, workouts, and mindset exercises that all bounced off each other. It was a great thing to do as a group, too, especially because we spend so much time together. We could be supportive of each other.

BECCA M / Executive Assistant

"Jess led a 3-hour seminar for our work. All I can say is that I wish it was a full-day. It was really fun and informative."  

EMILY B / Counselor

I attended one of Jess’ workshops - the one on resilience. All I was thinking the whole time was that I wished my whole team could have been there. It was uplifting without being fluffy. We are going through a lot of change in our business – tension is high – and it fit our needs perfectly.

SARAH B / Manager

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