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Coaching & Programs Overview


Ideal for people who want to learn about how the body and mind work, how they respond to change and how to realistically incorporate allllll that for your life (ie. your situation, personal experience and GOALS) plus a supportive community learning and sharing alongside you.

  • comprehensive, supportive and goal-crushing programs that include movement, nutrition and mindset foundations that work for your life

  • 3 unique program offerings that vary in program length, content depth, and objectives

  • all programs offer several options and examples to further personalize your experience (ie. it's group coaching but we don't take out the individual needs - no worries)

  • delivered on Thinkific e-learning platform

  • includes video, audio files and written content to meet your learning and absorbing-information preferences

  • private online support community

  • set launch days (in order to work alongside your compadres) but all programs can be completed at your own pace and own time

  • lifetime access

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Ideal for people who want a private, deeply individualized coaching experiencegreat for specific training performance goals or learning objectives.

  • meet with Jess over Skype, FaceTime, phone and/or email to get the personalized edge on your way to smashing your next feel-good goal

  • sessions are flexible, affordable and work with you, your goals and your schedule

  • available as one-off sessions or multi session packages

  • includes movement, nutrition, and/or mindset coaching (ie depends on you!)

  • special rates and priority spots for members of online group (crew) programs 


Ideal for people who want an indulgent time out to recharge the ol' batteries, learn something new or enjoy simple feel-good time.

  • join us for our scheduled seasonal retreats or create your own for your business team or friends' weekend

  • half-day, full-day, multi-day

  • corporate: incorporate themes and topics from our keynote and seminar listings

  • personal: bridal parties, mom friend recharge weekends, sport teams, etc. 

  • seasonal: our quarterly retreats that center on themes and ideas relevant to the season; each retreat is unique and includes movement sessions, nerd out sessions, conversation, mini-workshops and more

  • online: ahhhh. What? That's right. Our seasonal retreats are available as online offerings as well. That means you get all the content from the retreat (classes, talks, workshop tools, etc.) to go through on your own time wherever you are in the world. 

Grounding Out
(Spring Retreat)
(Summer Retreat)
(Fall Retreat)
(Winter Retreat)


Ideal for businesses, schools, networks and corporate trainings that prioritize a fresh and practical approach to health, success and employee wellness.

  • personalized talks available - let me know what your team is working through and we'll always make the content as relevant and personal to your business and/or team

  • current topic listings available 

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