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1-on-1 Online Coaching

Are you looking for a truly personalized coaching experience?
One that works with where you are today, where you want to be tomorrow, 
considers your whole lifestyle AND makes it work for you on your terms?

How this works:

Work with Jess one-on-one over Skype, FaceTime or phone from the comfort of your home to develop a personal strategy to help you reach your goal(s). 

Receive movement education, coaching sessions, nutritional guidance, helpful resources and accountability specific to you, your style, and your aspirations. 


This is for you if you want:

  • personal support and accountability

  • you have a specific training goal in mind

  • individual programming

  • a well-rounded approach to creating a stronger body and mind that is specific to where you are right now
    i.e. we aren't looking at an overhaul here but rather a series of subtle shifts that works for where your life is RIGHT now ( and I both know it's never the "perfect time")

  • sessions paced out at your discretion 
    NOTE: all sessions must be used within 6 months of sign-up

Do you have questions about which program or package might be the best for you?
Book a complementary consultation!
Special Offerings
4-Session Starter Package

  • 1 X initial consultation

  • 3 X coaching sessions

  • receive 3 individualized workouts that fit your schedule, status and goals 

  • all sessions completed over Skype, FaceTime or phone call


This is for you IF: 

  • you want to build a new foundation
    eg. reconnect with your core


  • you want to elevate your game to the next level
    eg. you're feeling physically or motivationally stagnant with your current program and want a reboot or push that works for you


  • you want to prepare for a new activity
    eg. strength and lifestyle program to begin running


NOTE: Additional coaching sessions can be purchased at $59/session. 

Valued at $516

Get on your way to smashing your goals with our starter package for only $249!

Pre- and/or Post-Natal Support System

  • 1X initial consultation

  • 5 X coaching sessions

  • receive 1-4 individualized workouts that fit your evolving schedule, status, and goals

  • all sessions completed over Skype, FaceTime or phone call


This is for you IF: 

  • you're planning on having a baby and want to establish a strong foundation and physical awareness

  • you're currently pregnant and want a PCES and CPPC coach to be there for support and individual guidance on your pregnancy
    (because they all be unique....)


  • you've recently had a baby and have received clearance from a pelvic floor physiotherapist to begin the recovery process

  • if you are a member of the MOM MUSCLE crew and want to build on or review content together one-on-one

NOTE: Additional coaching sessions can be purchased at $59/session.

Valued at $774

Get your mama training support system for only $379!

Tune-Up Session

  • ​email-based initial consultation

  • 1 X coaching session via Skype, FaceTime or phone call

  • email-based follow-up


This is for you IF: 

  • there is something very specific you'd like to work on together
    e.g. the hip hinge or core recruitment or a lifestyle habit


  • if you're already a member of the Uninhibited Strength Society (our FREE community) and want to follow-up on something specific to you

  • if you're a member of The School of Lifting Stuff (coming Jan 2020) and you'd like additional personal sessions

  • if you're a member of Seasonal Sweat Sessions (coming Winter 2019) and want to add a personal session to discuss content or review movements

Valued at $129

$87 for your personalized mini-workshop!

Do you have questions about which might be best for you? Contact us to book a complementary consultation.


I struggle with getting down on myself but Jess somehow manages to remind me that, well, I’m awesome. It’s her gift. Change is hard and slow and it is nice to have Jess in my corner.

GEENA M / Teacher

I came to Jess for coaching when I was really, really overwhelmed. I had this list of all these things I felt I had to do and she broke it down and made me feel like I could reach my goals {increase my core strength and change the shape of my midsection) by doing one little thing at a time. I went from feeling alone to feeling heard. 

LINDSAY R / Stay-at-Home-Mom

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