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Easy Wins Are Still Wins, Dude.

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Easy wins are still wins, Dude.

In a space obsessed with overhauls, complete transformations and being all-in or all-out, may I suggest we chill out a bit and just do a little bit better? And then a bit better ... and a bit better from there...?

A couple years ago, I was doing a podcast walk in YYC - I cannot remember which one - and hilarious genius Krista Scott-Dixon was the guest. I felt compelled to stop three times to write down a bunch of practical notes. In a packed session of coaching insight, she shared two questions that she phrased in such an inviting way. {Shared towards the end.} When clients (and friends) come to the table, it often opens with, “I know what I should do but I just don’t know where or how to start.” This is often due to a mix of (conflicting) information overload, some media over-dramatization, the current quick-fix trends, and the “I know a guy who...”s. This would make anyone feel a bit frozen and overwhelmed.

This is why we want the easy win. It doesn’t mean big things aren’t on the horizon or that easy wins aren’t part of big challenges or even lofty dreams. The easy win gets wheels rolling in the desired direction and breeds success from day one.

Let’s say Lisa has a couple ideas of what would help her feel more energetic. “I really think I should drink more water / I want to run more / Maybe I should try to eat more vegetables / I want to drink a bit less wine”. From her own list, Lisa decides increasing daily veg intake is where she wants to start.

She says, “I think I’ll add vegetables to my shake.”

Q1. On a scale of 1-10, how confident are you that you will add vegetables to your afternoon shake everyday? Jane says, “Honestly, 5/10. I could force it down but I don’t love the idea of drinking veggies.”

That’s cool. Let’s table that for a minute. Think about how many vegetables you eat in a day right now.

Q2. What would be the smallest step or increment of change you could make? You guys talk it out a bit further, bounce ideas, dig in a bit and Lisa decides: “I’ll add a cup of spinach to my eggs or slice up a tomato at breakfast every morning. 9/10 confident I can nail that”.

Lisa walks out with ownership and confidence she’ll dominate this next step. Wheels rolling. Easy wins.

BOOK REC: There are several books and podcasts out there on Motivational Interviewing. I heard the original textbook is a bit dry but I cannot verify because I don't love reading things described as dry. However, I really enjoyed "Motivational Interviewing in Nutrition and Fitness" (Clifford & Curtis).



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