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I did a dumb thing. I forgot about LTBIs although I work them into every talk and every program I’ve ever done.

But first - how are you doing? I know we’re rounding the corner of one year of unpredictable macro-societal change. This new normal doesn’t feel new at all anymore, does it?

What else isn’t feeling ‘new’? The fatigue? The uncertainty? The relentlessness?

Lucky for us, we adapt, right? Some of these adjustments we’ve made have been mighty helpful. But others…?

Many of these acute stressors have switched their lease agreement from short-term to long-term tenancy. The silent danger from chronic stress is that we adapt so well that we don’t register it anymore as ‘stress’ but as ‘life as I know it’. It doesn’t send us the same warning signals. Think: less hand-on-a-hot-stove and more the-kids-broke-the-thermostat.

How are you feeling? What are you feeling?

Me? I’ve been a little all over the place. I’ll go into it more later but suffice to say that I feel like I lose my footing every other day. And not in the usual way of allowing my sense of balance to be a series of continual adjustments. I mean: on my face.

And by falling on my face, I mean: I felt disconnected.

That’s when I remembered I had slowly stopped giving my LTBIs their due. Well, I didn’t remember. Sophie did.

Little Things Big Impact.

Everyone’s LTBI are unique to them. There is a lot of space for overlap seeing as everyone reading this is human but the specifics are all you.

LTBIs are the things that honour what our minds and bodies need in order to serve us.

They create strength, resiliency, power, calm and connection.

And 9/10 times they cost little to nothing.

No special juice. No special pills. No perfect program.

One of my LTBI is walking outside. This was an impromptu walk initiated by Soph. As we were pushing through the back lane of the farm, I could feel things click back into place. (I could also feel the (beautiful) sunshine burning my eyeballs.)

It has been very icy and hella windy at our place these past few months. I stopped walking for the sake of walking. And I didn’t replace it with anything. Whoops.

I have about 13 personal LTBI. Some very specific; others quite general. I never have all 13 firing off on the same day (or month). But they are there for me when I need to reset and recharge. And, better yet, to prepare for what may be to come.

What about you? Any Little Things Big Impact items that pop to mind?



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