strong as

Water. It is what it is.

No one tries to tell water that it is soil or rock.

It's water.

And yet it isn't bound by a tightly-defined box defined by what it's supposed to be.

Just like you.

Water is free to be.

It's salty and fresh.

Fluid, hard, and light as air.

Water winds, lies still, and gently flows.

It adapts, crashes, soothes, and dives. 

It energizes, rejuvenates, and sustains life.

Like you.

Water is calm and powerful.

Deep and shallow; dark and bright.

Water is simultaneously reflective and transparent.

Resilient. Beautiful. Jarring. Uninhibited. Awe-inspiring. 

Like you. You are as strong as water.

Strengthen your body, free your mind,

strengthen your mind, and free your body. 

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