Colour outside the lines. 

I work with ever-evolving, ever-powerful women to help them strengthen their bodies and create a body and life they LOVE. 

Heyo YOU!
Are you one of those people with a sneaking suspicion that the lines have been drawn a little too deeply around all things fitness, nutrition, health and wellness? That maybe the absolute must-dos, never-dos, rights and wrongs (...ugh....shudder) regarding movement, eating food and everything in between have been ... overindulged? AND that taking care of your body, mind and spirit are, generally, valuable practices that lead to a more personally-inspired and fulfilling life? AND that living your best life feels more like freedom than punishment or restriction? 


AND that, just maybe, what makes your body, mind and life awesome is YOU and to be defined by YOU? YES...? 

Then you are my people and I am yours

Movement, nutrition and mindset coaching for women who want practical and lasting change that works for their lifestyle and priorities. 

If you want to explore how to move, feel and live better

from a place of self-love, self-compassion and joy

(as all defined by you, of course), join our

FREE community - Uninhibited Strength Society

YES - I'd love to join the conversation and receive insider freebies about

moving, eating, sleeping, managing stress, celebrating joy and living my best self

with a supportive, accountable, and frankly wonderful, group of people. 



online crew coaching member

It’s obvious Jess knows her stuff but she doesn’t take it too seriously. Even though she has tons of insights and real life tips, I never feel like I am being judged or a failure if something doesn’t work for me right now.  We always find something that does.


online coaching client

I feel as though I am part of family who are all there to support one another to ultimately reach their goals....I lost over 20lbs  from Jan to April and looked lean and fit....I was preparing myself for a week long vacation as well as becoming a mother.


corporate participant

Jess put on a workshop for our team at work. I was pleasantly surprised how practical and interactive it was. Sometimes you dread these work commitments but it was fantastic. Definitely worth it. 

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14 little things that make a big difference.

Hi! I'm Jess - 

I am unbelievably impressed by the resilience and strength of the human body and spirit.

I coach people towards their deepest goals. 

Don't know where to start? No worries.

Get your FREE checklist!

Checklist of .... what exactly?
14 movement + nutrition + mindset daily practices
that pack a punch.
(You only need to do 1 to feel a difference AND you can pick where to start!)
I work with ever-evolving, ever-powerful women to help them strengthen their bodies and create a body and life they LOVE. 
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